PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

What is PRP?
Platelet Rich Plasma is a form of cosmetic injectable treatments and regenerative medicine of using the clients own blood. PRP contains stem cells and growth factors to accelerate the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin to provide overall skin rejuvenation.

What does PRP treat?
This procedure helps improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and scarring, and stimulate collagen and skin cell production for a plumper, more radiant complexion. It is also very effective for the delicate under-eye area where clients notice signs of aging first. Other uses include stretch marks, acne scarring, fine lines/wrinkles, and hair loss. This procedure can also be combined with traditional dermal fillers to help enhance long-term results.

What to expect and what is the recovery?
The PRP procedure is a small blood draw from the client similar to getting lab work drawn. Recovery is minimal due to injecting the client’s own blood back into them. However, depending on the treatment area, there could be slight bruising or redness at the injection site.

How long does it take to see results?
We recommend giving the treatments 4-6 weeks for results to show and recommend 2-3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart for maximum results.

How does PRP for hair loss work?
Due to the high concentration of rich growth factor platelets, it is believed that stem cells around your targeted hair follicles are kickstarted into action. This results in new hair growth production, even with follicles that had previously been inactive. PRP hair therapy can be used in conjunction with all hair loss medication and complement hair transplant procedures