What is dermaplaning?
Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation technique using a sterile surgical blade. It painless exfoliates to stimulate cellular turnover.

What does dermaplaning do?
Dermaplaning removes surface debris and vellus hair (aka: “peach fuzz”) to leave dull skin looking brighter and softer. It also helps increase absorption of skin care products, helps dimmish fine lines and wrinkles, and primes skin for chemical peels, laser treatments, and microneedling.

What to expect and what is the recovery?
After the consultation and treatment plan is discussed with your provider, the provider will thoroughly cleanse your face to prepare for the treatment session. The provider will then precisely use a sterile surgical blade to glide over the surface of your face to remove surface debris and “peach fuzz”. Then the face is hydrated with ZO® Skin Health products tailored to you.

There is essentially no downtime or recovery period. Some patients may experience some slight redness or irritation immediately post procedure that subsides within 24 hours.

What service can be combined with dermaplaning?
Multiple services can be added to a dermaplaning session which include: chemical peels, microneedling, and neurotoxin injectables.

How long do they last?
You can expect results to last anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.