[ ri-fahyn ] verb.

To remove impurities or unwanted elements; To improve something by making small changes; To make more subtle and accurate.

The goal of The Refinery is to offer patients a superior aesthetic and wellness experience to not change, but to REFINE their health and natural beauty. The Refinery’s team of experienced and caring clinicians hold a high standard for providing exceptional patient care. Our culture is to provide individualized education and support toward a tailored, cohesive goal.

We are at the forefront of non-surgical treatments and aesthetic injectables

We are on the forefront of non-surgical treatments and aesthetic injectables. We are always expanding our services and education to offer the latest techniques to help patients achieve optimal results. Our nursing careers helped build a foundation for our practice that is based upon professionalism, integrity, quality results, and a culture to foster long-term, trusting relationships with our clients.